recycle on the spot

Enabling your move into the
Circular Economy

with on-site plastic recycling systems

Perfect for small and medium sized companies

Our recycling systems have a small footprint of only 12sqm, are easy to operate thanks to our intuitive interface and can process up to 200kg/day – just what you need to make your move into the circular economy!

Turn Waste into Value!

Start to earn money with your production scrap instead of paying for its displosal. When processing the material on our machines, you can either reduce costs by instantly reusing the recylate in your production line, or generate an additional revenue by selling it directly online.

The new standard - IoT

Benefit from the newest tech! Features like automated sales of your recylate will ensure that our system integrates perfectly into your business.

  • Easy to use

    No extensive trainings or specifically skilled personal is needed to operate the "Recycle on the Spot" system.

  • IoT Connectivity

    Benefit from features like automated listings of your recycled materials or wear-prediction by our algorithms.

  • Compact Size

    With footprint of just 2x6m the system fits almost anywhere.

  • Affordable

    Our machines will have an affordable pricepoint, which means your decentralized recycling operations will be profitable in no time!

Application Scenarios

Our System - Your Impact!

Where better catch materials than right where they are produced? Instead of transporting them to a centralized facility, our system allows manufacturing companies to process their material streams responsibly – and profitably!

The packaging industry is accountable for almost half of the global plastic production. It’s time to find a disciplined way to deal with this gigantic waste stream. Collect the material at the source, recycle it and return it into the circular economy.

Catching materials at the source isn’t enough – we also need to extract all the plastic from the environment that already spilled from the system. Our machines are perfect to start decentralized recycling networks in places that have little to no recycling infrastructure!

A strong partnership.

What happens when you combine the designer’s approach to problem solving with the research and development power of one of Europe’s biggest Research Institutes and the support of an ambitious start-up incubator? We call it: magic! Or, to put it in slightly smaller words: a solid foundation to pursue our goal of systemic impact in the global plastic ecosystem. Follow us on our journey!

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Industrial Designer
Moritz<br> Wussow


Industrial Designer
Sebastian Körber

Sebastian Körber

Fraunhofer ICT
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Fraunhofer ICT

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